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Earth from Space

USS Pinafore


Originally set in the last third of the 19th Century, Richmond Operatic are delighted to warp the classic G&S Operetta, HMS Pinafore forward some 500 years, setting it aboard an intergalactic Starship! 


It tells a comedic tale of love, honour and duty. Josephine, the committed daughter of the Starship's Commander, Captain Corcoran, falls for lowly Specialist 2nd Class, Ralph Rackstraw. However, her emotional turmoil is fuelled by her true love for Ralph, set against obeying her father, whose greatest desire seems to be his arrangement of a marriage to the venerable High Counsel of the fleet, Joseph Porter.


This tale of unrequited love is one amongst many aboard this vessel as it thunders through Space, throwing up many mysteries and hilarious encounters, to keep an audience enthralled.


Will true love prevail?

How many Sci-Fi cross-franchise references will we see?

Will the red tunic away team member survive until the end?


For the answer to these and many more ridiculous questions featured, come along and delight in this cosmic, but musically magnificent farce! Click the link below to join us on this galactic adventure!

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