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Join Us

Richmond Operatic Society are a relaxed and welcoming society with a passion for excellent performance.
We are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. 
We are actively recruiting new member for our next production of, "Carousel". 
If you would like to become a member of our society and to take part in our productions, please complete a contact form and we will be in touch with all the details. 

If you are looking to take part, here are the important dates for your diaries:
14/12/21 – Act 1 lib Read/Sing through of all ensemble songs.
16/12/21 – Act 2 lib Read/Sing through of all ensemble songs.
04/01/22 – Music Rehearsal – Chorus songs (audition numbers).
06/01/22 – Music Rehearsal – Principal songs (audition numbers).
11/01/22 – Dance audition preparation
13/01/22 – Recap audition music.
16/01/22 – Auditions from 10:00 TBC. Casting will be approved by the ROS Committee before sharing on the same day.

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